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Chlorine-free swimming pool water treatment with the ozone-bromine method

The HYDROZON® process (ozone-bromine method) realises the latest knowledge on chlorine-free treatment and disinfection of swimming and bathing pool water. Oxidation with ozone and disinfection with hypobromic acid generated during the process results in pleasant and odourless bathing water with simultaneously excellent disinfection result. The ozone-bromide method is a recognised water-treatment process that has proven itself in decades of use. In contrast to water treatment with chlorine disinfection, skin irritations are extremely seldom with the HYDROZON® process. Standardisation of the process is being prepared.
Through oxidation of the water components with ozone the process is particularly suitable for treating heavily contaminated water (hydrotherapy, leisure pools, hot Jacuzzis, children's paddling pools, etc.).

Disinfection in the pool
Pool water circuits

In the HYDROZON® process the ozone production and mixing takes place in the closed hydraulic system. In the process ozone is generated from oxygen from the air using electrical power. It is advantageous that bromide can be added to the pool water as salt and that no harmful disinfectant is required . Disinfection in the pool area is carried out by the separation of the oxygen atom from the hypobromic acid. Hypobromic acid arises in the filter system from bromide and excess ozone. Bromide is thus constantly contained in the circuit.
The process is ideally realised with the standardised HYDROZON® compact systems. Our Ozone generators or oxidator units are suitable for conversions of existing baths with chlorine disinfection.

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