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A waterworks is a plant for procuring, pumping, treating and providing drinking water or industrial water. Waterworks as a rule contain pumps, piping, fittings, filters, water tanks as well as switchgear for controlling and automation.

Waterworks has to be designed painstakingly. The basis for designing are reliable and precisely determined basic data with respect to the water quantities and the water quality. The question of whether water treatment is necessary and which process can be used depends on the water quality of the available raw water.

Due to the large number of plants we have realised, we have a great degree of experience in the construction of waterworks. We are happy to support consulting companies and customers in the development of an optimal, specific system solution. Some examples are shown below.

Sample projects as 3D graphics

Ozone biofiltration plant for colour removal in three lines, each with a treatment capacity of 30 m³/h

Surface water treatment with ozone biofiltration in two lines with 40 m³/h each, with ozonation, hardness increase and biofiltration with final UV treatment.

Drinking water treatment and storage plant for deep well water with a treatment capacity of 50 m³/h. Aeration and degassing, ozonation, filtration and hygienisation, water storage with pressure boosting for delivery to the distribution network.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Consulting,
  • dimensioning and design engineering,
  • cost calculation,
  • pre-project design,
  • construction and detail planning.

Give us a challenge, you won't regret it! Our goals are high-quality and sustainable systems and satisfied customers!