Drinking water is the most important of all foodstuffs. It is irreplaceable.

Water treatment - a contribution to a sustainable water economy.

Water is the most important of all foodstuffs and also the best solvent. This property makes it the most important component of all life. Water plays a prominent role in the nourishment of people, animals and plants (drinking water).
Water is used as process water to an enormous extent but also for industrial purposes.

In each of these cases, the water must fulfil certain exacting standards regarding physiochemical make-up and must be of the highest quality from a biological/hygienic standpoint.
After being used, water returns to natural circulation as waste water. It is this use of water which, together with common natural stresses, leads to further human contamination of water.

Used water can also be treated for reuse as recyclable water or industrial water (e.g. carwashes, laundrettes) in many cases. This minimises fresh water replacement.

We develop problem-oriented system solutions for many of these areas of application. Our experienced and competent teams engage in project planning, design and construction based on the individual demands of the water treatment and water supply systems. The implemented systems set standards in the area of water quality and specific treatments costs.

System solutions for water treatment and water supply

Hydro-Elektrik GmbH has heavily influenced water treatment technology through research in the field of drinking water treatment based on natural principles. Hydro-Elektrik in an industry leader, especially with oxidative methods using ozone, optimisation of classic multilayer filtration and ozone bio-filtration.

Hydro-Elektrik also leads the field in the development and introduction of the chlorine-free HYDROZON® method for treatment of pool water. More than 1,000 installed systems (predominantly in clinics, hotels and high-class private baths) and ever-increasing interest are testament to our reliable technology.

Hydro-Elektrik made a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of drinking water storage with the stainless-steel "HydroSystemTanks" system. In this field, concrete tanks are a thing of the past.

Hydro-Elektrik prides itself on high-quality, reliable, powerful and durable products. Relationships with customers which go back many years are evidence of this.

The Hydro-Elektrik GmbH group of companies has patents, is active all over the world and has excellent contact with scientific and research establishments.

Continual investment in new products and methods forms the basis of our ongoing development.

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HydroGroup® is a registered trade mark of the Hydro-Elektrik GmbH group. It stands for decades of wide-ranging experience in the field of water treatment and water supply. The Hydro-Elektrik GmbH company was founded in 1971 in the city of Ravensburg. The company Küchle GmbH (based in Tannheim), which is currently part of the group, has been working closely with Hydro-Elektrik GmbH since 1972 in the field of stainless steel processing and is firmly integrated into the production as an integral part of the company. Since 2001, the Gütersloh-based company RWT GmbH and since 2004 the company Hydro-Elektrik AS in Norway belong as independently-operated members to the Hydro-Elektrik GmbH group of companies.

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