HydroSystemTanks HB Großvassach, Villach (Austria)

The existing drinking water storage tank from the year 1958 was replaced by a new building with a storage volume more than twice. The clip shows the production of the two stainless steel tanks, each with 250 m³ volume.
(Source - WW Villach, 2016)

HydroSystemTanks HB Bockstall, Weingarten

The report shows the production of a drinking water storage system consisting of 2 stainless steel tanks, each with a capacity of 900 m³.
(Source: Regio TV Bodenseefernsehen GmbH, August 2016)

HydroSystemTanks HB Reißing, Waldwasser

The film clip shows the production of a 1000 m³ stainless steel tank in time-lapse mode.
(Source: Waldwasser, 2013)

Film report HydroSystemTanks®

The reduced version of the film report summarizes the main advantages of the HydroSystemTank® stainless steel tank system. We will be happy to send you the complete film clip together with additional current documents on request (see information centre on the right).
(Source: Hydro-Elektrik GmbH, Ravensburg, 09/2004)

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