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Telecontrol, remote monitoring and process control technology


Remote access is the prerequisite for flexible operation and monitoring of a system. We trust clear and tried-and-tested concepts.

The system that is optimal respectively for the owner-operator depends on

  • The requirements placed,
  • The number of systems to be monitored,
  • The necessity of data registration / evaluation,
  • Alarming in case of a malfunction.,
  • As well as on the communication channels available.

The simplest, most flexible and inexpensive option is to use a WebCommunicator. The following communication paths are possible with a WebCommunicator.


System with WebCommunicator

A PC can be linked for remote control by means of GSM, the landline network or via the Internet. WebCommunicator allows direct access from the PC to the process level (operator level) and thus allows control of the system and monitoring as if one were on site. The WebCommunicator is allows an optimum of system monitoring - at extremely low costs. However, this solution does not allow long-term archiving and evaluation of data. Connection is always only possible to a single system.

Process control system

A process control system is used to manage (control and regulate) a process engineering system such as a water treatment system or a complete water supply system. Process control systems are usually used at large-scale systems. In contrast to the WebCommunicator process control systems allow simultaneous connections to several stations / systems.


Process control technology
Example of a process control system

In the case of process control systems we place our trust in reliable and clever solutions, such as the process control system of Flowchief. Flowchief can be installed on a common PC with a Windows operating system. The process control system establishes all the connection via the international OPC standard (OLE for Process Control). Meaning that all the common automation systems can be coupled.

At complex systems we use, for example Siemens PCS 7.

Process mimic diagrams

Visual representation of the process is carried out by means of normal standard Web browsers.
So that no additional costs for software and licences arise.


Process control screen
Example of process control screen for water supply
Information centre control technology
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