HYDROZON filter technique for swimming pools and circulating water

The HYDROZON filter systems developed by the HydroGroup guarantee optimum bathing enjoyment and room air without the typical smell of an indoor swimming baths.
The unique chlorine-free HYDROZON process makes the treated water especially pleasant and gentle on the skin.

This makes unwinding, feeling good and relaxing a three-in-one bathing pleasure.

Whether it's a private pool, a therapy pool, hotel baths, a Jacuzzi or public baths: The HydroGroup has the right solution for any application.  We are happy to develop individually optimised system technology for special requirements. With our modular system technology we can "free" existing baths from chlorine – taking into account or incorporating the existing system technology.
The system technology is also ideally suited for the treatment of circulating water in water playgrounds and fountains. In this way, algae-free and sufficiently disinfected water of swimming pool water quality can be provided permanently. Whether a simple system for system integration or complete water technology in the technology box, we will find a suitable solution for every task.