Tank systems

Drinking water storage systems with HydroSystemTanks® have fundamentally revolutionized the way in which drinking water is stored. Thanks to their hermetic encapsulation, the fully welded stainless steel tanks fulfill the most exacting hygiene, quality and safety demands. Tube containers made of stainless steel complete the high-quality storage system in the lower size range. With the HydroSystemTower®, the water tower has been reinvented! HydroGroup manufactures storage tanks and special tanks (f. e. reaction vessels, site-welded filter vessel, hot water storage tanks or other tanks with special dimensions) made of stainless steel of up to 5000 m³ volume on the spot, very quickly and in top design quality. Process-water tanks made of stainless steel or HDPE completes the programm.
The tank systems also incorporate the relevant connections, safety equipment and operating equipment such as platforms, steps and railings as well as insulation.
HydroGroup stands for turnkey solutions!