Swimming pool wellness oasis

Nowadays, more is expected of a swimming pool than just being able to swim in it. A swimming pool is supposed to be a restful location in which you can quickly forget everyday stress. A place in which the mind and soul can find relaxation and the body can refuel on energy.

The central element in the pool is and will always be the water. Its quality is the decisive feel-good factor as it directly effects our senses. The water should be odorless, visually clear and gentle to the eyes and the largest organ of perception, namely our skin. Water should therefore have a comfortable temperature, should not cause irritations and should feel fine and bubbly.

Wellness water once - wellness water every time. This is the maxim according to which the extremely efficient chlorine-free HYDROZON process developed by Hydro Group / Hydro-Elektrik GmbH works. This process is suitable both for sophisticated private pools and public swimming pools. Nearly 1000 private pools, many hotel baths or therapeutical baths in clinics are our best references.

The process is also ideal for the treatment of circulating water in water play areas and fountains. In this way, algae-free and sufficiently disinfected water of swimming pool water quality can be provided permanently. Whether a simple system for system integration or complete water technology in the TecBox, we develop a suitable solution for every task.

Chlorine-free once - chlorine-free every time!