Chlorine-free water treatment for public pools

Wellness water once - wellness water every time.

This is the maxim by which the chlorine-free HYDROZON method developed by us and suggested for standardisation operates. Whether therapeutical bath, swimming pool, indoor pool or hotel pool - everyone appreciates the room air without the typical swimming bath smell. The unique chlorine-free HYDROZON method (DIN 19643-5) makes the treated water especially pleasant and gentle on the skin.

When planning a new pool, you should definitely include the "Chlorine-free" variant in your considerations. The latest technologies and decades of experience with the chlorine-free HYDROZON® method have been optimally combined in the new compact systems H30. This makes unwinding, feeling good and relaxing a three-in-one bathing pleasure.

With our modular system technology we can "free" existing baths from chlorine – taking into account or incorporating the existing system technology.

Our satisfied customers are our best references. Ensuring that not only is your public pool an optical pleasure but also an atmospherical one.

Chlorine-free wellness water - how it is, how it works

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More detailed information on HYDROZON process and technology, can be found under products and in the PDF files in the download area.

In the area of swimming pool technology we work exclusively with certified premium partners. If you are interested in a system, please contact us. We will be pleased to name one or more premium partners in your region.

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