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Ozone systems for swimming pool technology

Ozone oxidator units

HYDROZON® oxidator unit POX-HO

The HYDROZON® oxidator units of the POX series were designed especially for use in the fields of swimming pool technology and water technology..
These units are distinguished by:

  • Modular structure of all required operating components
  • Operational reliability via perfected process technology, high-quality materials and tried-and-tested control technology
  • Patented ozone production and mixing in the closed hydraulic system
  • Optimised venturi / injector system with full-flow mixing for efficient ozone supply
  • Easy operation via a microprocessor-based control system
  • Optional: Continuous setting (or regulation) of the ozone quantity

Operating conditions:

  • Maximum inlet pressure 1.5 bar
  • Maximum temperature 40°C

Performance data oxidators "POX"

Circulation capacity 8-20 m³/h 8-20 m³/h 25-30 m³/h
Ozone quantity 4-16 g/h 4-16 g/h 24-32 g/h
Process air 300-500 Nl/h 300-500 Nl/h 1000-1400 Nl/h
Type POX-HO Compact POX-HO Max Compact POX-HT FU Compact
Circulation capacity 25-30 m³/h 30-60 m³/h 50-100 m³/h
Ozone quantity 24-32 g/h 40-48 g/h 120 g/h
Process air 1000-1400 Nl/h 2000-2900 Nl/h 4800 Nl/h

HYDROZON® oxidator units can be integrated both into new systems and, thanks to their compact size, subsequently into existing systems. The oxidators contain all of the components required for operation and are inspected and ready to be connected up upon delivery. Ozone production occurs in a closed hydraulic system. Mixing of the ozone-gas/air mixture with the water to be treated is implemented with a high-power venturi / injector system at full flow.

For additional information, please refer to the PDF file in the download area.

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