Air filter for drinking water systems

Air filter for drinking water reservoir

Drinking water storage tanks breathe:
Air must be able to escape when filling and flow in when emptying. It is especially important to remove particulates and the tiniest airborne particles such as pollen from inflowing outdoor air.

The air filter models LF 500, LF 1000 and LF 2000 have been specially developed for venting and ventilating drinking water storage systems. The two-stage filtration system consisting of a pre-filter and fine filter eliminates the tiniest airborne particles from intake air, thus optimally protecting drinking water (H13 HEPA filter in compliance with EN 1822).
The compact air filter units in a high-grade stainless steel housing complete in stainless steel 316 Ti can be easily integrated into drinking water storage system ventilation lines.

These units excel thanks to:

  • Two-stage filtration in a compact stainless steel housing with integrated condensation drainage
  • Large filter surfaces with high-grade filter units made of glass fibre
  • Integrated differential pressure measurement with potential-free contact connected to alarm system
  • Maintenance-friendly design for easy filter replacement
  • Optional: wall bracket, connecting piping, use of activated carbon filter

Characteristic curves of the air filter

Filter resistance (pre-filter and fine filter)

The maximum air volume and the maximum permissible underpressure or overpressure of the drinking water storage tank are decisive for the selection of the suitable filter.

Air filter models and technical data

Designation Nominal airflow rate Article no. Weight
LF 500 500 Nm³/h 207664 40 kg
LF 1000 1000 Nm³/h 207688 75 kg
LF 2000 2000 Nm³/h 207689 100 kg

 You can find more information in the product data sheet in the download area. We look forward to receiving your request for quotation.

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