Pipe an valve supports

The handy pipe and valve supports are easy to install, height-adjustable under load and as a result guarantee time-saving system assembly.

The conical main body with a reinforced base bead and elastic rest guarantees stability and provides good load distribution.


The choice of materials meets the needs of the water industry.
A variety of main bodies means that support heights of between 100 mm and 1350 mm can be realised, with nominal widths of DN 80 to DN 1300.For models RFS1 and RFS 2 with heights up to 225 mm, the basic body is made of PVC as standard. Types RFN, RFA, RFB, RFC (heights 225 to 750 mm) are manufactured with base bodies made of aluminium gravity die casting. For the higher versions type RFE and for special heights, the base bodies are made of stainless steel.


Construction pipe support

Types and range of delivery PVC / Aluminium

Typeheightmax. DNdesign
RFS1100-150 mm600 mmUNO
RFS2150-225 mm600 mmUNO
RFN225-300 mm1300 mmUNO/DUO
RFA300-450 mm1300 mmUNO/DUO
RFB450-600 mm1300 mmUNO/DUO
RFC600-750 mm1300 mmUNO/DUO

Types and range of delivery stainless steel

Typeheightmax. DNdesign
RFE I750-900 mm1300 mmUNO/DUO
RFE II900-1050 mm1300 mmUNO/DUO
RFE III1050-1200 mm1300 mmUNO/DUO
RFE IV1200-1350 mm1300 mmUNO/DUO
  • Design up to DN 600 - Type UNO

    Maximum support load:

    DN 80 - DN 125: 30 kN
    DN 150 - DN 600: 60 kN

  • Design DN 700-DN 1300 - Type DUO

    Maximum support load:
    DN 700 - DN 1300: 60 kN

Special designs / Special heights are available on request. We would be pleased to send you an up-to-date price list for the supports available from stock.

3D-models (STEP/SAT-files) and 2D-models (DWG-files) can be found in the download area.