Cartridge filter KEF

Cartridge filter for fine filtration

We manufacture cartridge filters for flow rates up to 200 m³/h. Cartridge filters are used to hold back dirt and suspended substances and as fine filters to protect sensitive units.


The cartridge filters consist of:

  • An upper torispherical head with vessel flange, ventilation connection nozzles and cover handles
  • A cylindrical shell with a lower torispherical head and a vessel flange
  • Flange tubes for raw water input, pure water output, flushing water output and draining
  • Screwed-in filter cartridges made of Polypropylene (PP) with exchangeable filter cloth
  • Three vessel support feet


Data cartridge filter

The cartridge filters were designed for the following conditions:

  • Max. operating overpressure 10 bars
  • Max. operating temperature 40 °C

We would be pleased to provide further information on request. Special versions are available on request. For data about the system design please refer to the PDF file in the download area.

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