Filter systems KIF

Filter systems for filtration, iron removal and demanganisation

The standard filter systems of Type KIF (gravel filter systems) manufactured by us are ready-to-operate performance units. The performance data for filtration, iron removal and demanganisation specified below are based on values obtained through many years of experience and are used for orientation. Strictly, verification of design must be carried out using current raw water values as a basis. Deacidification filters, activated carbon filters and GIH filters must always be designed to suit a particular application. Our experts will be pleased to advise you at any time.

Design and layout

The filter vessels consist of

  • Upper and lower torispherical head with cylindrical shell
  • Flanged-in or welded-in nozzle plate, including screwed-in filter nozzles
  • Internal flushing funnel
  • All required connection nozzles for raw water input, pure water output, backwash water input and output, flushing air and venting
  • Deflectors at the flushing air connection nozzles
  • Vessel support feet,
  • Manholes / hand holes as well as name plate

Performance data gravel filter system

The filter vessels were designed for the following conditions:

  • Max. operating pressure 4 bars for KIF 35 and KIF 45 and 6 bars for KIF 50 and above
  • Max. operating temperature 40 °C

For data about the system design please refer to the PDF file in the download area. A customer-specific design with deviating values for pressure and temperature is possible upon request. We would be pleased to provide further information on request.
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