Natural ground or source water sometimes contains excessive amounts of carbonic acid (carbon dioxide), which has a negative effect on downstream pipelines and consumers.

Chemical deacidification:

Filtration via materials containing calcium carbonate (semi-burnt dolomite, marble or Jurassic limestone) causes neutralisation of the free aggressive carbonic acid until a balance hydrogen carbonate and carbon dioxide is achieved. The free carbonic acid reacts with calcium carbonate from the filter material.
Meaning that deacidification filters have to be topped up regularly. Small amounts of iron can also be removed. If the iron contents are higher, pre-filtration is required since iron coating can influence the effectiveness of the material.

Semi-burnt dolomite
Semi-burnt dolomite

Physical deacidification:
In the case of sufficient mineralisation or sufficient hardness the excessive carbon dioxide can also be stripped physically from the water.
In many cases a combination of physical and chemical deacidification is also possible, so that ideal hardness levels can be achieved.

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