HYDROZON® compact filter systems for the swimming pool

Chlorine-free pool water treatment with the HYDROZON® process

High-performance HYDROZON® compact filter systems, operating based on the decades-old, tried-and-tested HYDROZON® method (ozon bromine process in accordance to DIN 19643-5), produce swimming pool water without chlorine, or rather chlorine-free wellness water, in the ideal manner. The perfectly harmonised system technology of the fully automatic stainless steel filter systems makes for permanently perfect water quality for the highest demands.

The highly functional compact filter systems contain all the necessary components. The integrated ozone stage makes for excellent oxidation and disinfection of the water. The resultant pleasant, low-odour, oxygen-rich and bubbly wellness water turns any pool into a wellness oasis with optically crystal-clear water. It is particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Through the graduated performance units almost all the treatment cases can be solved with this technology. HYDROZON® compact systems can be integrated into new systems and into existing systems.

Operating conditions:

  • Maximum inlet pressure 1.5 bar
  • Maximum roomtemperature 40°C

Filter systems for private and public baths "Type H30-L" - size and power combined

The compact filter systems of the H30-L series are designed especially for use in private and public swimming and bathing pools as well as hot whirling pools.
The systems units are distinguished by:

  • Modular structure of all required operating components into compact, prewired performance units
  • Easy operation through fully automatic operation
  • Patented plasma ozone production and mixing in the closed hydraulic filter system
  • Optimised venturi / injector system with full-flow mixing for efficient ozone supply
  • Energy efficient filter pump
  • Optional: Brine-resistant design available, measuring systems, dosing systems, remote control via additional panel in the bathing area or via mobile terminals, central control for parallel operation of up to 4 systems, a.s.o.

Performance data Type H30-L

Data H30-L/10 H30-L/15 H30-L/25 H30-L/40
Circulation capacity [m³/h] 10 15 25 40
Ozone quantity [g/h] 20 20 30 50

Filter systems for private and public baths "Type H30-XL" - the extra-large power filter

The compact filter systems of the H30-XL series are designed especially for use in hotel swimming pools, treatment and exercise-treatment pools and public indoor and outdoor pools.
The systems units are distinguished by:

  • Compact, ready-to-connect performance units of stainless steel, that take up very little space
  • All parameters relevant to operation are displayed and adjusted on the touch panel on the front of the system
  • Oxygen is produced on site from air by means of a separate oxygen concentrator
  • The process-related components such as the plasma ozone generator, PLC etc. are housed together in the stainless steel control cabinet 
  • Fully automatic filter and flushing operations are carried out by an energy-efficient filter pump with integrated strainer
  • Optimised Venturi/injection system for efficient ozone mixing
  • Options: Measuring systems, Dosing systems, Remote control by additional panel in bathing area, Web interface for mobile devices/PC, HYDROZON® central control unit for parallel operation of up to 4 systems, a.s.o.

Performance data Type H30-XL

Data H30-XL/65 H30-XL/75
Circulation capacity [m³/h] 65 75
Ozone quantity [g/h] 120 120

More detailed information on HYDROZON® process and technology, can be found in the PDF files in the download area ore please contact us.

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