HYDROZON® TecBox P30 - The box of technology for water features

Box of technology for water features and treatment of circulating water

The HYDROZON®-TecBox P30 is an innovative, compact water treatment system specially designed for closed water circuits, e.g. in water playgrounds, jet and fountain arrays. The TecBox contains all process-related components that are required for circulation and treatment of the water. The TecBox is supplied as a compact, ready-to-connect and factory-tested unit.

So that water features always remain an oasis for fun and relaxation, a safe supply of clean and safe water must be guaranteed. The HYDROZON® TecBox P30 provides this in places where which no fresh water source is available.

Ozone water treatment

The water is treated in the HYDROZON® TecBox P30 by ozone followed by filtration. 
Ozone (O3) is the most powerful oxidation medium and disinfectant used in water treatment. It reacts with the water constituents and breaks down into oxygen during the reaction (O2).
This process is independent of pH and is odourless.


The HYDROZON® TecBox P30 is the most reliable and safest water treatment system for water features.

  • Ozone is produced in situ! This means no use of hazardous chemicals that must be constantly monitored and refilled.
  • Pleasant, odourless wellness water, no unpleasant chlorine odour around the water feature.
  • Largely stable pH value
  • Good algae prevention
  • Ozone supports flocculation during filtration, thereby reducing the use of flocculant.
  • Improved material compatibility with ozone. Chlorine attacks surfaces (including stainless steel) and can promote unwanted algae growth on surfaces due to the increase in the pH value.


Treatment system Type P30/10 P30/15 P30/20  
Treatment capacity [m³/h] 10 15 20  
Ozone quantity [g/h] up to 10 up to 20 up to 30  
Power required [kW] 1.55 1.90 2.40  

Special features

  • modular structure of all required operating components
  • high-quality design
  • modern control technology with visualisation via touch panel
  • fully-automatic operation
  • user-friendly operation
  • safe monitoring via mobile terminal devices
  • Optional: Remote servicing module
  • Optional: Design in a shaft configuration instead of a container
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