Pressure boosting and pressure booster systems

Pumping stations are as a rule used to fill a storage system lying higher or a high-level tank or also a water tower.

Pressure boosting is always required when the natural supply pressure (e.g. from a water storage tank) is not sufficient for the water supply.
When dimensioning pressure booster systems a large range in consumption has to be covered as a rule. In addition to brief peak loads the fire extinguishing requirements also have to be provided by a pressure booster system.
Pressure booster systems are nowadays generally equipped with several pumps. Often one or two small basic load pumps are combined with 2 to 6 large peak load pumps. In the case of systems with speed controlling only small pressurised tanks are usually required - if at all.

Compact pressure booster systems are used both in industry and in public water supply.

We will be pleased to support you in the selection and optimal dimensioning of pressure booster systems.

  • Pressure booster systems with 4 pumps
  • Pressure booster systems with 8 pumps
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