Drinking-water tanks and high-level tanks

High-level tank in a timber building
High-level tank in an industrial hall
Refurbished high-level tanks
High-level tanks - turnkey

Maximum hygiene and safety

For the water storage sector, we developed an innovative storage system with the HydroSystemTanks® and the HydroSystemTower®. The high-quality and long-life stainless steel systems became a great success in a short time. It might interest you to know: Quality doesn't have to cost a bundle. In conjunction with our cleaning system (Pat.) developed especially for the HydroSystemTanks®, you get an unbeatable storage system which is extremely cost-effective in the long term.
The stainless steel storages are often also used in waterworks as water storage tanks for raw water or pure water storage.

Stainless-steel water storage tanks ensure quality

How the water is actually stored has a considerable influence on the quality of the drinking water. Factors affecting the water include long-term changes in the quality of materials, interactions between the tank walls and the medium, and also those influences originating in continuous operation, and in cleaning and maintenance activities. Leaks, long dwell times with inadequate mixing, and also reactions between the atmosphere, the tank walls and the water itself, are not uncommon factors in bacterial infestation and the resulting complaints.

Sample projects as 3D graphics

HST 1000 - High level tank system including 2 x UV systems, volume 2 x 500 m³, D 11.50 m x H 5.20 m

HST 1500 - High level tank system including 1 x pressure boosting system 100 m³/h at 6 bar with 5 pumps, volume 2 x 750 m³, D 12 m x H 6.90 m

HST 2000 - High level tank system, volume 2 x 1000 m³, D 12 m x H 9.20 m

HST 1150 - High level tank system, volume 1 x 1150 m³, D 23.90 m x H 2.90 m

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