Drinking water tanks - HydroSystemTanks®

Operating platform of a drinking water tank
Timber building around drinking water tank
Three drinking water tanks with a capacity of 800 m³ each in the building
Installation of a drinking water tank with pressure booster system
Water inlet into drinking water tank
Drinking water tank in a high-pressure pumping station
Drinking water storage tank in the timber building
Drinking water tank with integrated cleaning system
Operating platform between drinking water tanks

Drinking water tanks in stainless steel

HydroSystemTanks® - the original - keep what they promise!

HydroSystemTanks® stand for
High-quality and Safe drinking water storage Technology.

Drinking-water tanks in Stainless steel are the ideal solution and guarantee of maximum retention of water quality.
Stainless steel is inert and has long been the material of first choice in the field of drinking-water supply. Particular emphasis is usually laid on stainless steel's resistance to chemical corrosion and the corresponding long service life.
The drinking water tanks are fully welded, pickled and passivated. There is no need for sealing materials.

We process all common stainless steels such as 304, 316L, 316 Ti or duplex steels like LDX 2101.
Further information about the different materials is available in the Non-corroding stainless steel file in the download area.

For our drinking water tanks the mantle is manufactured in a special process and welded automatically in a patented welding process with a high quality.
A further unique element is the integrated automatic cleaning system, which - depending on the design - enables either full internal high-pressure wall cleaning or complete internal roof-wall-bottom cleaning, without the tank having to be entered.
Sight glasses and integrated lighting as well as corresponding operator platforms allow excellent controlling of the tank contents as well as safe and comfortable operation.

Building and basic structure

In the drinking water reservoirs and high-level water tank systems, the hermetically sealed HydroSystemTanks® are installed in simple buildings. Thus ensuring excellent monitoring.
The wide variety of possible locations for high-level tanks means that there can be no standardised building shell which can be used for each and every purpose. Our variable system, however, allows planners to exercise their creativity.

Basically the buildings consist of a concreted lower section and an upper mounted section, which may, for example, take the following form:

  • Building of timber pillar construction
  • Industrial framed building structure with panels
  • Industrial building made of prefabricated concrete components (sandwich panels) or
  • Masonry

More detailed information you will find in the download area and also in the media center at videos.

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