HydroSystemTower® as a stainless steel water tower

Mechanical manufacturing of a water tower made in stainless steel in the factory
Transport of a stainless steel water tower
Thermal insulation with weather protection for tanks and water towers
Access and operating platform at a water tower made in stainless steel

HydroSystemTower® as a water tower made in stainless steel

Water towers are generally considered to be expensive and complex to operate - but not the HydroSystemTower®: It is the innovative further development of the HydroSystemTank® which converts it into an innovative water tower.

The HydroSystemTower® is

  • manufactured completely at the factory
  • transported to the installation location
  • mounted on the base provided by the user
  • connected and commissioned.

The lower section of the tank contains the installation room. This is where pipeline installation, pumps and pressure booster systems, water treatments systems and switchgear assemblies can be configured. Access to the installation room is gained via a secured and thermally insulated door. A room air dehumidifier with dew point sensor is installed to prevent condensation on the inner surfaces. The tower has thermal insulation and complete weather-proof panelling on the outside.

Advantages of the stainless steel water tower

• Use of stainless steel instead of concrete or plastic
• High level of hygiene, quality and safety
• Absolutely leak-tight, full system control
• Ventilation via microfilters
• Integrated installation room
• Thermal insulation with VA weather-proof panelling
• Compact, space-saving and cost-effective
• Extremely short construction site time thanks to factory manufacture
• Well thought-out right down to the very last detail
• Integrated tank cleaning system
• For volume of up to 150 m³ (single or dual-chamber)

Areas of use and design variants

Water storage tank
The HydroSystemTower® can be used as a water storage tank anywhere where, in addition to intermediate storage, an improvement and increase in supply pressure is required. It is ideally suited in situations in which an existing water tower needs to be replaced and it represents a good alternative to refurbishment of existing systems.

Pressure booster system
The HydroSystemTower® with pressure booster system is used for supply of smaller localities with insufficient mains pressure. The fully automatic pressure booster system with frequency-controlled pumps means that larger quantities of water can be drawn without influencing the mains pressure.

The HydroSystemTower® as a waterwork combines water treatment with water storage and pressure boosting. More compact? Impossible! Classic multi-stage filter systems or state-of-the-art membrane systems are used for water treatment. These waterworks are very suitable for smaller autonomous supplies.

Pressure interrupter
The HydroSystemTower® as a pressure interrupter and storage system in those situations in which there are pressure differences in a supply mains and a certain water reserve has to be held.

Tank volume

  • Nominal tank diameter 4.0 m (without insulation)
  • Height up to 15 m
  • Volume up to 150 m³ per tower,
    multiple towers can be connected in parallel
  • Duplex steels ASTM S32101, S32205
  • Custom versions on request

For additional information, please refer to the PDF file in the download area. The possible access and transport routes are variables which affect decision making and must be clarified in advance.

We will be happy to help you with project planning. Call us and we will work together to develop the best solution for you.
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