Water transport, pumping stations and pressure boosting

Pressure boosting systems with horizontal pumps
Pressure booster system with vertical pumps
Filter flushing system
Multiple supply lines in one pumping station
Pumping station for pumping of raw water
Pressure boosting of hot water
Well head in a pumping station
Pumping station with suction casing pumps

Water transport

In most cases, water is not available with the required pressure and volume at the place where it's needed. That's why a water supply without pumping stations is inconceivable. There are many different types of pumping stations. Standard pump systems can cover the majority of requirements. In many cases however, system-specific configurations are needed that cannot be optimally served by standard systems. This is where we come in with our broad experience and independence from any particular make. 

Spring pumping stations

Normally, spring water occurs at lower levels and in most cases must therefore be pumped to higher tanks or water storage tanks/elevated tanks. Also, several individual springs are brought together in one suction tank and their water is transported jointly via one pumping station. Spring water pumping stations consist of a collection shaft, a pump and installation room and a control room. In our "Arethusa" spring pumping station, which is made entirely of stainless steel and based on our HydroSystemTanks®, all the necessary components are combined into one turnkey functional structure. The remaining services to be provided by the customer are the earthworks, the provision of a base course/foundation and the pipeline connection. 
This enables constant monitoring of the incoming spring water quality in each individual inflow and the volume can be measured, put into intermediate storage and continuously transported to the water storage tank in the adjusted volume. The water can be automatically diverted away if the quality is insufficient (e.g. increased turbidity) in one branch of the spring.

Pressure boosting

Pressure booster systems are indispensable in many supply areas. They compensate for pipeline pressure losses and ensure that the drinking water is always available in all areas/zones of the supply mains in the required volume and at the pressure needed. The configuration of the pumps and the suction and pressure tanks that may be required depend on the respective local conditions and requirements.
Our selection criteria are: 

  • Optimum adaptation to the consumption volumes/load profiles
  • Minor pressure fluctuations thanks to stepless pump control 
  • Maximum pump efficiency 
  • Minimised operating costs

As a minimum, all systems are equipped to the usual standard for waterworks or are configured both individually and optimally. 

Compact systems for pressure boosting

Individually configured pressure boosting systems with up to 8 controlled pumps are used in particular for providing a full supply across a broad range of performances, including firefighting supplies. It is especially important here for the systems to be of a redundant design.
We supply specially adapted compact units with directly mounted frequency converters with up to 8 pumps, as well as systems with separate frequency converters and the possibility of cascade operation via a star-delta circuit for emergency operation.

Deep wells or drawing lake water

We also supply high-quality and optimally tailored solutions for transporting groundwater or water from a lake by means of vacuuming. Nowadays, pump control is increasingly achieved using modern power electronics. Systems operated via frequency converters guarantee a constant march of pressure, even when the amount drawn or the resting water level fluctuate considerably. We rely on high-quality, durable technologies without exception in this, a more conservative field. These technologies are generally the most economical when viewed in the long term. 

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