Air dehumidifier

In certain operating states in high-level tanks, waterworks, wells, shafts and pumping stations etc., condensation forms on the cold surfaces of water-carrying system parts and the building structure if there is a lack of climate management.

Due to diffusing humidity, moisture can also occur in walls and cause major structural damage to the building.

causes in particular:

Corrosion and damage (rust) on mechanical and electrical equipment
Electrical faults due to short circuits and leakage currents up to and including system failure
• Moisture penetration damage and corrosion on the building structure
Mold formation on surfaces and walls
Unhygienic conditions in high-level tanks, pumping stations, shafts, waterworks etc.

In order to prevent condensation and mould formation, the rel. humidity in waterworks should not be permanently higher than 75% (rel.). Condensation formation can be continuously prevented by means of controlled dehumidification. Consequently, air dehumidification also helps to preserve the long-term value of the often high-value systems and building structures.

Condensation air dehumidifiers or adsorption air dehumidifiers can be used for air dehumidification in waterworks. Dehumidifiers based on the condensation principle generally work very economically. In addition to optimum dehumidification, air circulation also plays an important role - particularly in large-volume and high buildings.

Dehumidifiers for waterworks

The series HDE air dehumidifiers were developed for both commercial use and for use in waterworks. For this reason, these dehumidifiers have a corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing (Protection Class IP54). The generously dimensioned ventilators provide high-volume air circulation and therefore excellent dehumidification performance even in large and high rooms. Full electronic control guarantees an efficient dehumidification process even at low operating temperatures.


Type HDE150 HDE210 HDE370
Article number 151614 151615 151616
Performance at 8 °C/70% r.F. [l/d] 11.9 26.2 30.9
Performance at 12 °C/70% r.F. [l/d] 15.9 32.1 38.8

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