Working at HydroGroup®

Motivated employees don't appear out of nowhere

We unite the advantages of a family-run company with the attractiveness of a market leader.

  • Our values: reliability, punctuality, honesty

    • Our values: reliability, punctuality, honesty
    • As a medium-sized, family-run company, social interaction with employees and customers is of equal importance to us.
    • We have accompanied our customers for many years and want to do the same for our employees and colleagues.
    • Tolerance, openness and mutual support form the basis of our cooperation. 
    • We see you as more than just an employee; here, we value you both as part of the company and an individual.
  • „Far away from my family in Croatia, Hydro is much more than just my employer – it's also a place where I feel at home.“

    Vanja, 29, electrical engineer, part of the team since 2016

  • „Through my work in development, I have the opportunity to contribute my ideas and actively participate in the future of the HydroGroup®.“

    Andreas, 30, mechanical engineer, part of the team since 2013

  • Future prospects for life

    • Our sector offers stability, promising future prospects and thus secure jobs.
    • We create structures in order to ensure a professional, resource-saving approach to work.
    • Investments in research and new products is a matter close to our hearts. We thrive on our passion for technology.
    • Here, you can make a difference, regardless of your education. Your opinion counts!
    • We benefit from decades of experience and our constant thirst for knowledge, learning every day.
  • Benefits that are second to none

    • Good, structured induction training 
    • Wide range of further training opportunities
    • A sense of togetherness (Christmas party, family events...)
    • Fantastic recreation areas
    • Flexible working hour regulation with core times for the team
    • Flexible, customised solutions for the reconciliation of work and private life
  • „Hydro has made it possible for me to realise my dream of combining my sideline work as an organic farmer with my job as an electrical engineer.“

    Severin, 30, electrical engineer, part of the team since 2018

Have our values struck a chord? Then join us in the HydroGroup®