Water treatment processes

The treatment of drinking water is a matter of trust. Consequently, for us in the HydroGroup® water treatment means much more than just providing components. As a system supplier, we initially tackle the existing water problem, and only when we have done that do we make a decision about the necessary treatment process. Filtration enables not just turbidities to be removed from the water but also iron, manganese or arsenic. This often requires pretreatment such as oxygen enrichment for oxidation.
Using ozone (ozoning) disinfects and oxidizes raw water, thereby enabling it to be treated for use as drinking water. Ozone bio-filtration has become established as an efficient process for treating surface waters that contain humates. Central softening of drinking water as early as at the waterworks enables pleasantly soft water to be produced at low cost to the consumer. Membrane processes such as mikro- and ultrafiltration or nanofiltration/reverse osmosis are setting new standards - particularly when combined with other processes (hybrid processes). We also have small plants for the end user for softening, filtration, iron, manganese and arsenic removal in our program.