Oxidation with ozone

In oxidation, elements or compounds are combined with oxygen. In the process the substance to be oxidised emits electrons that are taken up by the oxidation agent. Ozone is a strong oxidation agent. Ozone is generated in so-called ozone generators. To this purpose dry air or technical oxygen (from PSA systems or from tanks) is conducted into a discharge cell with a strong alternating electrical field. In the process the oxygen molecules decompose and ozone is formed. Ozone is not stable: While decomposing, atomic oxygen remains which spontaneously reacts with water constituents or penetrates into cells.

Formation and decomposition of ozone

Ozone - formation and decomposition

Oxidation agent for water treatment

Ozone is a strong oxidation agent. It is activated oxygen with a high specific oxidation potential (2.07 V).

Potentials of important oxidation agents
Oxidation agentPotential in VOxidation agentPotential in V
Hydroxyl radical2.80Hypochlorite 1.49
Hydrogen peroxide1.78Chlorine dioxide1.27
Potassium permanganate1.70Oxygen 1.23


Due to its high oxidation potential, ozone produces a very fast oxidation of organic and inorganic water impurities. The HYDROZON® process utilises ozone both to oxidise the raw water and for the final disinfection of the pure water. Oxidation gives rise to, among other things, low-molecular, assimilable organic carbons (AOC). These carbons are mineralised in a biologically active filter bed that follows the oxidation.

The following are the main processes that occur in ozoning:

  • Disinfection of the raw water
  • Oxidation of iron to form iron hydroxide that can be filtered
  • Oxidation of manganese to form brownstone that can be filtered
  • Oxidation of arsenic to form arsenic that can be filtered
  • Splitting of highly molecular organic compounds to optimize the biological mineralisation in the filter bed (ozone bio-filtration)
  • Oxygen enrichment to supply the aerobic micro-biology in the biologically active filter bed
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Ozone (O3) is an instable molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms that decomposes into oxygen within a short period. It is a strong oxidation agent. Ozone is gaseous at room temperature and normal air pressure.

Ozone = activated oxygen.

Ozone is a colourless gas with a pungent odour.

Molar mass 48 g/mol

Density 2.144 kg/m³ (0 °C)