Oxygen generators

System layout with oxygen generator
Oxygen generator with storage tanks
Oxygen generators with piston compressors
Hydroxymat oxygen generator
Oxygen generators in three lines
Oxygen generators with storage tank
Oxygen generators as seen from above
Oxygen generator in a single line

Hydroxymat type oxygen generators

Oxygen generators produce technical oxygen with a purity of up to 95 % by concentrating atmospheric oxygen.

By using oxygen for water treatment, up to 50 mg/l and more oxygen can be dissolved in water.

Our system that are made solely of high-quality components are matched optimally to each other and ensure highly efficient and reliable oxygen production.
An oxygen generator line consists of the following elements:

  • Compressor system 7.5 bars
  • Refrigeration dryer
  • Activated carbon tower
  • Air filter combination made of fine filter and activated carbon filter
  • Compressed-air vessel
  • Oxygen generator
  • Oxygen tank
  • Distributor and controller unit for dosing

The systems operate fully automatically. In many cases two or more independent lines are operated in parallel. This increases the efficiency and the reliability through corresponding redundancies.

Performance data of the Hydroxymat system (excerpt)

Hydroxymat O2 amount in Nm³/h Volume O2 tank in l Power consumption in kW Pressure in bar
Typ 4 0,4 - 2,2 2,5
Typ 8 0,8 - 2,2 2,5
Typ 15 1,1 150 2,5 4
Typ 25 2,3 150 5,8 4
Typ 35 3,5 250 5,8 4
Typ 55 5,0 250 7,8 4
Typ 85 8,4 750 11,3 4
Typ 125 12,3 750 15,3 4

The oxygen generators are used mainly for the oxygen supply of ozone systems and for oxygen enrichment at reduced water and for the oxidation of iron and manganese.

We would be pleased to support you in calculating the actual oxygen demand as well as in the optimal configuration of a system for use in the water technology sector.

Please ask us!