Ozone bio-filtration

Ozone bio-filtration is a new way to treat water types with a high humic substance content and extensive colouration. The method uses the biological mechanisms in the filter bed for reduction of TOC / DOC together with a preceding ozonisation. This method is especially environmentally friendly, as almost no substances which are harmful to the environment are created, in contrast to nano filtration systems or to reverse osmosis.
Designing an ozone bio-filtration system requires extensive practice. This is why we cannot specify any general data here.

Decolouration via ozone bio-filtration
Decolouration via ozone bio-filtration
TOC-reduction via ozone bio-filtration
TOC-reduction via ozone bio-filtration

We would be pleased to plan your system. In addition to the hydraulic value specifications, a complete water analysis is indispensable for project planning. A checklist is available in the download area. We would be pleased to provide you with further information.
You can also refer to the technical reports on drinking water treatment in the media center.

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