HydroSystemTanks® as special tanks

Enclosure of a special tank
Heat storage reservoir as a special tank
Large filter as a special tank in the waterworks
Ozone reaction tank as special tank
Manufacture of a special tank
Large filter as special tank with nozzle bottom

Special tanks

For special projects that cannot be realised with standard solutions, we manufacture special tanks on an individual basis to meet your own specific requirements. These made-to-measure special tanks are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel for specific projects.
Special tanks include for example:

  • Either horizontal or upright reaction tanks with or without fittings for applications with ozone used in the field of drinking water and waste water treatment
  • Large filter vessels for downstream or upstream filtration for water treatment
  • Active carbon filter or bio-filter for trace substance removal from drinking water or waste water
  • Specially-shaped tanks (rectangular, hemispherical, conical etc.) 
  • Tanks with fittings, agitators, heating coils etc. 
  • Tanks made from special materials 
  • Double-walled tanks etc. 
  • Heat accumulator tanks

We would also be happy to plan and manufacture a unique tank for you. We present a few examples here, even though it is not possible to show all areas of application here. Let us surprise you with the special tanks that can be made from and with HydroSystemTanks®.

Large filters as special tank

Some filter vessels with a diameter of up to 4.5 m can still be transported. This means that large filter areas can in most cases only be realised by connecting several filter tanks in parallel or by filters in concrete. With our special production process, we can also manufacture unpressurised filters with a diameter of up to 8 m or a filter surface area of up to 50 m². The filters are fitted with a continuous nozzle plate as well as all the necessary fittings for a uniform infeed of the water being treated, and for distributing and eliminating rinsing water and purging air. 
Possible areas of use:

  • Bio-filtration of drinking water and waste water
  • Active charcoal filtration for removing trace substances in drinking water and waste water
  • Filtration via calcium carbonate for drinking water treatment hardening and deacidification
  • Pre-filtration

Reaction tanks

Reaction tanks are used to extend the reaction times when ozoning water. We manufacture horizontal and upright low-pressure tanks in almost any design. Fittings for ensuring a uniform plug flow, for degassing, further intensive mixing etc. are designed and manufactured according to what is required. Reaction tanks are always designed for a specific task. 

Multi-functional heat accumulator tank made of stainless steel

A large-volume hot water storage tank with a useful volume of 4100 m³ is at the heart of the solar-supported local heating system in Hamburg Bramfeld. Construction of this tank posed a special challenge because many aspects of it involved breaking new ground. This tank, made of Duplex 1.4162 stainless steel, has a diameter of 23 m and a cylindrical height of 10 m. More information about this interesting object can be found in the specialist publication in the download area.

Special storage tank

What looks like an excessively long filter vessel is a special type of water storage tank. The tank needed for a special task for separation is 2.80 m in diameter, just under 18 m high and has a volume of just under 100 m³. The tank is an example that shows all that can be realised on the basis of the HydroSystemTanks®

We request that you send us an enquiry if you need a special tank. In all cases, possible access and transport routes affect decision-making and must be clarified in advance. 

You can find detailed information about special tanks in the download area and in the Media Centre under Videos.

Or even better: Call us.
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