Chlorine-free water treatment with the HYDROZON process

The HYDROZON® process realises the latest state of knowledge on chlorine-free treatment and disinfection of swimming pool water as well as circulation water. Oxidation with ozone and disinfection with disinfecting agent generated during the process results in pleasant and odourless pool water with simultaneously excellent disinfection result. The process has been a proven water treatment process in practice in decades of use. In contrast to water treatment with chlorine disinfection, skin irritations are extremely seldom with the HYDROZON® process. The integrated ozone generation makes the process particularly suitable for the treatment of heavily polluted water (hydrotherapy, leisure pools, Jacuzzis, kiddy pools, circulating water on water play areas, fountains or for air purification in air conditioning technology, etc.).

Disinfection in the pool
Water treatment circuit

In the HYDROZON® process the ozone mixing takes place in the closed hydraulic system. Ozone is generated from oxygen from the air using electrical power. It is advantageous that bromide can be added to the water as salt and that no harmful disinfectant is required. Disinfection in the pool area is carried out by the separation of the oxygen atom from the hypobromic acid. Bromide is constantly contained in the circuit. The risk of filter contamination can be excluded by this process.
The process is ideally realised with the standardised HYDROZON® compact systems. Our Ozone generators or oxidator units are suitable for conversions of existing baths with chlorine disinfection.


The process is explained in detail in the following clip.

Wellness water - how it is, how it works

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