UV system technology

Irradiation with UV light

The disinfection of water with UV light is a physical process. Under favourable conditions, the UV C radiation in a UV plant inactivates the microorganisms in the water in such a way that they can no longer reproduce. Since this is a physical process, no chemical by-products or by-products hazardous to health arise during UV treatment.

UV systems can only disinfect effectively if the water is free of turbidity. This process requires the UV radiation to arrive on the mirco-organismwith sufficient intensity. For this reason, it ist essential to pay attention to the water's light permeabilityfor a configuration of a UV system. The water's light permeability is determind as UV absorption at the wavelength 254 nm and is expressed as SAC, SAtC or transmission.

If turbidity values fluctuate (e.g. in spring water), a continuous turbidity measurement may have to be carried out upstream. At turbidity values greater than 0.3 FNU, the water must be discarded. Alternatively, a particle-separating process stage such as rapid filtration with flocculation stage, membrane filtration (microfiltration, ultrafiltration) etc. can be installed in the inlet.

The UV treatment is only effective during the radiation time, i. e. does not have an enduring effect. UV systems are often used as the last stage in a treatment chain for final hygiene processing. In the field of water treatment, we prefer to use low-pressure high-performance lamps. The service life of the lamps is limited to approx. 12,000 to 14,000 operating hours. Certified systems are equipped with a measuring sensor to check the radiation intensity.

Larger systems can be supplied with a power regulation and/or with an integrated cleaning system. In special cases, the systems can also be equipped with a chemical cleaning system.

For our customers in the municipal water supply sector, we use certified systems from various manufacturers in the application range from approx. 5 m³/h up to 900 m³/h per system. The selection of suitable UV systems is based on the respective water quality and the respective task.
Small systems for private domestic water supply are not part of our delivery programme. In these cases, please contact your local installer.

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