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Feedwater treatment

Thermal degassing

Our systems for thermal degassing are complete performance units with optimally matched components. The systems are dimensioned so that an operating period of 20 to 30 minutes remains without supplementary water inlet when the feedwater tank is full.

Graphic thermal degassing
Graphic thermal degassing


The performance units are designed for the following conditions:

  • Feedwater: Approx. 105 °C and 0.2 bar overpressure
  • Heating steam: Saturated steam with 180 °C and 9 bar overpressure
  • Desalination rate: 3 %
  • Exhaust vapour quantity: 0.3% of the rated output
  • Condensate quantity: 50% of the rated output at 70 °C
  • Supplementary water: 15 °C (43% share of the mass balance)
  • Max. operating overpressure: 0.5 bar
  • Max. operating temperature: 110°C

We RWT also supply individual standardised degassing units up to 150 t/h, along with feedwater tanks, e.g. for substitution purposes. Special versions or versions that differ from the standard are available on request.

Standard sizes degassing units
Standard sizes

Standard sizes

Data degassing unit
Data thermal degassing

We would be pleased to provide further information on request. For data about the system design please refer to the PDF file in the download area. Or even better: Call us.